2014 SCAPSA Tuesday Night League

Tuesday night leagues is a great place to improve your shooting skills. They tend to be more informal (lower pressure) with fewer shooters, fewer stages at lower cost than week end matches. Week nights leagues are also a good place for newer shooters to get started. Check out the schedule below and set aside 1 night a week to have fun and improve your shooting.



League time

  • Setup starts about about 5:00pm. If you can, please come and help. This is a volunteer sport and we need and appreciate your help.
  • League starts at 5:30pm
Non-Members are welcome to come give us a try. Let us know if you are new to the sport so we can help you out with any questions you may have.

League fees

  • $12 for members and $15 for non-members
  • Side Match Fee: Long gun side match $2.00
  • Additional Classifier: $3 per additional classifier (for additional gun).
Shooter can only shoot one gun in league. Additional classifiers are done after all shooters are done with the match. See a club officer for more details.

Course of fire

Most nights there will be at least 3 pistol courses.  Stick around after we are done shooting and have a hamburger and pop provided by the club. 

If you have questions about about league see our contact page.

New Shooters

We have safety procedures you will need to follow to please check in with a SCAPSA personal for range safety instructions.  If you are unfamiliar with a cold range, such as we run, ask an existing member before handling your gun or ammo. They will be more than glad to help.


We have three leagues each year. Awards are given by taking the best 5 nights of the eight weeks each league is run.  Results are posted on the USPSA web site and usually available in a few days.

Spring League

WK1-April 15th WK2-April 22nd WK3-April 29th WK4-May 6th
WK5-May 13thWK6-May 20stWK7-May 27thWK8-June 3rd

Summer League

WK1-June 10th WK2-June 17th WK3-June 24th WK4-July 1st
WK5-July 8thWK6-July 15thWK7-July 22ndWK8-July 29th

Fall League

WK1-August 5th WK2-August 12thWK3-August 19thWK4-August 26th
WK5-September 2ndWK6-September 9thWK7-September 16thWK8-September 23rd
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